Does My Doctor Coordinate My Care With A Skilled Nursing And Rehabilitation Center?

When you go to a skilled nursing facility, a team of staff plans your care. Your care is based on your doctor's orders and the results from your daily assessments. After your doctor and the staff have viewed your assessments, they decide on what services to provide to you and what goals need to be set. A health goal is the expected result of your treatment, like being able to walk a certain distance or to climb stairs. Your daily assessments and skilled care start the day you arrive at the facility.

After your initial assessment, the skilled nursing facility will create a care plan with you and your family. Your care plan is comprised of:

  • Services needed
  • Who will deliver the services
  • How often you require the services
  • Equipment needed to reach your goals
  • Food options
  • Etc.
  • The healthcare center is Medicare/Medicaid certified.

Healthcare Center Checklist

Here are some things to note when visiting a center:

  • The staff greets you upon entering the healthcare center.
  • The staff is warm, polite, and respectful to patients and each other.
  • The healthcare center is free of unpleasant odors.
  • The healthcare center is clean and well kept.
  • The halls are free of clutter and have clearly marked exits.
  • The healthcare center is well lit.
  • The healthcare center is smoke free or has designated smoking areas.
  • The healthcare center has designated areas outside for patients.
  • The healthcare center has quiet areas to visit with friends and family